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Hello :)
I'm back with new-old creations :)
I sewed a lot in past months, but didn't post pictures here... Also- I have 2 new dolls. Manon from Lillycat Cerisedolls, which I bought on LDoll, and Serenade Dol Nun.Sp. I'll post pictures here, when I'll have time to sew for them XD
Ok. Pictures now :D

And now dresses for Tonner dolls.
Eowyn Shieldmaiden Gown

Eowyn Funeral Gown.


I wrote nothing from a long time. I had, as always, a lot of sewing. I bought a doll from Tonner to be able to sew for fashion doll from Dollmore. You can see those dresses in =>* Tonner

I decided to go to LDoll Festival this year :) It is first year, when I can go. I have the money, and the term of Ldoll suits me.
So you can see me there, if someone from you will be on LDoll also.
I'll bring with me my clothes. I want to sew some new dresses for LDoll, I sew also headdresses. Three from them you can see in =>* Headdresses
Too bad I don't know the language. Also I don't know English well, and I don't speak English well... _-_
I hope I'll be able to communicate :)
I'm so excited! :D


A following dress is my old project. This project waited for the realization around 2 years. Originally I named the sketch 'Stardust'. The dress was supposed to be made from organza in the dark blue colour with the plenty of rhinestones which were supposed to look like stars. However I didn't sew this dress from the lack of time. It is also necessary to have willingness for such dress. Maybe someday I'll sew it again.

Now I thought that I must use reserves of fabrics which I have, and not buy new. Also I wanted to paint again the dress, similar, as one from last commissions. So I used the rest of the same taffeta andmarkers, which I purchased specially to that dress. Hope you like it ^^


Hello ^^
I neglected my website. I posted here nothing for ages. BUT! I sewed all the time. At the bottom a few new pictures. You can see the rest in Silje, Margaret, Headdresses and Gallery.

I sew now hand painted dress for rosette. Also I bought Tonner doll. I'll sew two gowns for Dollmore 16" Fashion Doll.
Maybe in the future, when I'll have time, I'll sew something for Tonner dolls.



You can now find my on Etsy. I tested Etsy over the past few months and I think I'll stay there.


Also I sewed some new dresses :)


I'm not sleeping ^^' I should have now little more time to sew. If you want to see new dress for one from my dolls (for example for MNF, or Feeple65) just leave a comment :) Maybe I'll be able to come up with something.

New dress for Yo-Sd :)


I'm back with new clothes :)

Dress for Silje.

Outfit for Lili.

And commission.


I finished another dress :)


Some news :)
I opened shop on Etsy. Here it is >>Silje's Boutique<<

And also I sewed several dresses.


Neo-Queen Serenity.
I wanted to make from Kass Sailor Moon or Princess Serenity from a very long time. However, the time will come for everything. And so just a few days ago after a short break in sewing, I thought it is now time for Serenity. Initially, I wanted to sew a princess dress, but some time ago I sewed this dress as commission, and for this reason I decided to sew Queen Serenity dress.


Hello :)
Just a small update. I sewed jacket for my Zelda (Feeple65).
I have now break, so I don't sew much for dolls.


I started to sew collar. It is rosette size and will fit also other MSD dolls. I want also to sew dress, but first I have to order more white beads.

And almost finished. Almost, because I'm thinking of adding more beads. Red maybe...
Have to think about this.


New dress for Rosette :)


New dress for Zaoll :)


Also, I want to ask you, whether you are interested in lottery. Similar as with the crown , but now the winner will pick one clothing from clothes, which I will choose as prize. Size from yo-sd to SD.

Add a comment to tell, what do you think :)

New clothes for rosette :)


Kass as Serenity.
This dress is a commission and wasn't sewn for rosette, but I think she look pretty.:)

And I sewed clothes for Margaret.

Also I sewed other commissions.


New dress for Supia :)


I'M ORGANIZING BIG SPRING CLEARANCE SALE=> ALMOST ALL PRICES 50% DOWN!!! Check in my threads on DOA or e-mail me. :)

Krakowianka costume update :)


I started to embroider the blouse. I want to finish this costume as soon as possible :] I want to take this doll with me on our forum anniversary meeting 13.04.2013.

I was optimistic, thinking I would finish the blouse this weekend, but really, the embroidering take much time.
Here is the embroidering on the sleeve. The edge of the sleeve look like the edge on the blouse.

And here is rabbit overalls :)


I started slowly with the blouse :] I don't think I'll embroider the flowers on the bottom. I'm not sure that I like them.

I have to draw also the collar and sleeves.


I finished next headdress ^^ It has blue butterfly on the back.


I made such headdress :) And I will finish today another- with blue butterfly ^^

I finished the skirt. Now I'll start with the blouse. :)


I finished the embroidering on the underskirt from my Krakowianka costume yesterday. I washed the fabric, I cut the excess of fabric and I sewed underskirt.

Today I'll sew the skirt. I is very simple, so I should finish quick.


The winner of the crown is Idemo. o^___^o
Thank you for participating in my contest. I'll send the crown ASAP.



Whoever said Valentines day is only for lovers?
Happy Valentines Day for you all ^^

I almost finished the embroidering ^^ I hope very much, that I finish sewing this dress on this weekend. :)
And a reminder-half months left to the end of my contest. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
The crown is waiting for new owner :)


Some days ago I started to work on commission. I have to sew autumn dress. I made the pattern and cut it from the fabric. As you can see I added the leaves and some embroidering on one piece. Now I have to do the same with the other piece of fabric.


I finished this dress about 3 months ago, but I think it deserves a mention here in the news :)
I really like this one. I spent lot of time sewing this dress, and I'm proud o^__^o

You can find other pics also in the
And you can see the WIP pictures in


Soon I'll organize a small lottery - contest :)
The prize will be a headgear made by me.


Kassanrda in her new dress :)
More pics in the gallery.


I finished dress for Kass :)
My two rosette sisters.


My newest dress for rosette :)


I finished two flowers. It's not much, I know, but I sew also other clothes, and I don't want to hurry.
And yes, I forgot earlier:
I'll use outline stitch
and satin-stitch to embroider.
And I'll use such fabric: for blouse, underskirt and skirt- cotton, for apron- tulle or something similar, for vest- velvet. I'll embroider with cotton threads.
The flowers:


In last year a friend asked me, whether I would sew a Polish national costume -Krakowianka- for her mom's doll. I had no time then. She never came back to this discussion, but I couldn't forget.

I thought I can sew such costume for dollfie. I finished my third special dress and now I started to work on this project.

Polish national costumes do vary depending on the region. It helped the people to recognize immediately others from a different region. All from our folk costumes are very colored and have been decorated using embroidery.
I'm interested in womens costume so- the women wore hats, wreathes of flowers on their heads, or headkerchief. It was a way of identifying whether woman was married or not. For example the wearing of a wreath of flowers would immediately show that the woman was still single, whilst the wearing of a hat clearly showed she was married.
The skirt could be long, or short. Women worn also aprons, vests, white decorated blouses, jackets. The women costumes differ from each other also. The way, in which the dresses were decorated would help to identify woman's status with their particular regional group. The better fabric and richer decorated costume suggested, that the woman came from richer family.
Costumes are also divided on the daily and festive. The daily costumes was sewn from cheaper fabrics and was less or not decorated. The festive costumes was sewn from better fabrics and was more decorated.
We have a lot of folk costumes, but I think, that the Krakow costume is certainly the best known.
Here on picture: young people from the song and dance group "Krakowiacy" presents western outfits in the vicinity of Krakow Bronowice.

From left to right: unmarried woman costume, bachelor costume, married woman costume. Photo: Anna Kaczmarz.

I'll sew unmarried woman costume.
I bought a several books to learn embroidery. :) I started from underskirt. I drew the pattern on the fabric. I used water erasable pen.

I strengthened the fabric edge. I'll cut the excess of fabric.

I'm starting to embroider.

Now I'll work on flowers.


The beginning (I apologize for my English XD)
I find aut about dollfie from my acquaintance who asked if I'll draw her one. I asked what is "dollfie", I searched in the internet and ...I fell in love. How every new person in the this world I was delighting almost every doll, searching one for me. I despaired why dollfie are so expensive :)
I decided to order MNF Shushu, still sold by Luts then. I saved money and ordered her in the July 2007r. Silje arrived to me in the September (after terribly long, in my contemporary opinion, waiting).
I dhad the doll, but that wasn't all. Except wigs, eyes, shoes lot of money seems to go on doll clothing. I made decision: I will sew alone my dollfie clothes.
I sew since the August 2007, I did not finish no school and didn't study fashion, nothing from these things. I learn the whole time. I always liked to sew. I sewed for Barbie when I was a kid. But those was only hand made clothes, not with sewing machine. I bought the sewing machine in the February 2007, but it stood the whole time, because I feared a bit to sew. The doll order just mobilized me to begin to sew.
My boutique took the name from my first doll- Silje and "Silje's Boutique" is the trademark of all my clothes.
Silje's Boutique proudly presents: Dresses for your doll.